I want a hardware refresh of the G1 (original google android phone)

I see all those new android phones come out with faster hardware and better camera, but no real keyboard and other deficiencies…

After having lived with the shortcomings of the G1 and comparing to that for a while, I feel that I really just want a hardware-refresh of the existing G1 phone and not the new droid nor the N1.

I want to have the faster cpu, more RAM, better camera (led flash, light sensitivity) and faster USB read speed (12MB/s instead of 5MB/s) of the N1 but I do not want to give up the hardware keyboard of the G1, the hardware buttons of the G1 (accept call/home/back/hangup). I actually love the slide-out keyboard design, it allows me to switch to real typing mode real fast.

The droid hardware keyboard is a joke, it is worse than the on-screen keyboard in terms of accuracy.

I love htc’s special usb cable that allows me to connect any headphone as well as my car stereo to it, with a microphone on the connector plus a button that allows me to skip mp3 songs and accept calls mostly hands-free while driving.

The G1 is a pretty good smartphone, just the cpu and ram deficiency makes it painfully slow.

I even like the form-factor, fits well in my pocket.

Can I just get a hardware refresh instead of a new broken design please?



Review Nexus One (N1) comparison to G1 android phone

What I like better on Nexus One (N1) compared to my G1

+ faster cpu and more RAM make web browser and switching between apps much more responsive. However, once you do your day to day things you will notice that some of the apps depend on remote resources and those will be as slow as the network, i.e. Where, so more CPU+RAM is NOT a cure-all for performance. It is now easier to open lots (15+) of web pages in the browser and leave them open in the background.
+ reading files (i.e. importing images from the phone) from SD now is 12MB/s instead of 5MB/s. Writing is the same 5MB/s.
+ battery life twice as long (not measured)
+ flash on camera actually works, it is finally possible to take pictures while clubbing. However whitebalance is expecting flash, so if you take without flash then the colors look off. As usual having more megapixel does not improve the picture quality which depends largely on other factors (light sensitiveness, sharpness, color truthfulnes)
+ android 2 features like facebook / contacts integration is nice
+ can take backside off and battery-out much easier than on G1
+ normal audiojack, but thats not only a plus, see below

What I don’t like on Nexus One (N1) compared to my G1

– some apps are not ready for it, i.e. commodore 64 emulators who would direclty benefit from faster cpu only use a small portion of the screen as their framebuffer size is hardcoded. (tested two of them). Moxier Mail (enterprise quality exchange email) just force-closes while authenticating and is not useable.
– no hardware keyboard. While the onscreen keyboard does work somewhat nice it still is a major drawback when trying to type larger amounts of text or while doing other things… it just consumes more percent of your attention to correctly enter text.
– voice dictation not a real substitute yet, integration into keyboard only available in some apps? Sometimes loses connection to servers while waiting to upload data for interpretation and aborts, does not work offline. Quality varies, between garbage and suprising accuracy.
– no hardware keys for phone pickup/hangup. You now actually have to navigate through the touchscreen keyboard to hangup a call when you navigated to say the contacts to look up or take down a new phonenumber.
– oversaturated colors
– new screen technology (better viewing angles) does not have as natural colors?
When comparing photos displayed on g1 and on n1 then the g1 ones look a bit desaturated and the ones on the n1 looks overly saturated in a bad way. Maybe I have a bad engineering sample, but if it is representative then I am less excited about it then everybody else.
– connector for charging now no longer standard micro USB, means you forget the special cable and you are out, but at least when you forget your special usb2audio cable you can now use it without the in-line microphone and accept/hangup/skipsong button from HTC.

Overall I am less excited than I thought I would be and will probably hang on to my G1 until I get something drastically better.

G1 google android phone – half a week in and loving it

A quick follow-up in form of notes on my G1 experience:
1. hands-off music on!

I discovered that I can press the ‘accept call button’ on my wired stereo headset to start the mp3 player without having to touch the phone. Awesome!

2. Exchanging contacts
When meeting another G1 owner, the question is always, how to exchange contact info the quickest. One obviously is to send it as an email, but that means typing in the others email address which is already half the contact info you wanted to share. The other is rather surprisingly smart: Use the application Barcode scanner – you select which URL/clipboard-entry/contact entry you want to share, and it shows it on the display as a 2D barcode. The other user just holds his camera over it running the same application, and *bleep* it transfers. Wow.

3. Other cute apps:
– bubble: shows how level something is using the accelerometers
– tiker: show stream of flickr

4. Chassis issues
I find that I am also bothered by the design deficiencies of the phone: Since you charge through the same USB port that you connect your wired headset to it’s either or, not both at the same time. And when I have my headset wired in, then typing on the keyboard is more awkward than the elevated right chassis half already makes it. Still would not trade it for an iphone with its touch screen keyboard ever though, ha ha ha !

4. Camera issues
The camera delay really sucks! It is hard to take a snapshot of a situation unless its really frozen in time in front of you. The resolution and sharpness is OK, but depending on the angle I see some fisheye effect (bent surfaces that should be straight).

5. web browser rendering issues

I noticed that the slower than treo webbrowser rendering does not really matter as much with 3G as it would have with edge.

I still would wish the caching and background loading of multiple pages would work better, the same grief I had with my iphone-1.

6. Battery lifetime
It is not as bad as with the treo, and once connected to an outlet it charges real fast. I charge about once to twice a day depending on how heavily I use it. And I use it heavily 🙂

7. Adding ringtones from any mp3 song is just sweet.

So my summary – I am loving it and find out new things all the time.