Software patents are anti-competitive – wake up !

This has been going on for too long – when will software patents and their misuse finally be abolished?

– android mobile phone customers pay $5 per mobile phone to microsoft because of software patents they bought. Microsoft has their own windows mobile system and has contributed NOTHING to the android infrastructure, yet we have to pay them when we decide against their product?
– microsoft was at least temporarily stopped from selling microsoft word because of XML patents. XML is an industry standard. How could you possibly punish them for finally using standards instead of proprietary methods that keep competitors out more?
– patent cartell buys nortels patents for billions of dollars, smaller competitors that are not in on the cartel will suffer. What does the SEC have to say about that? Apparantly nothing.
– study shows that software patents are detrimental to the industry as a whole. What a surprise. with similar results already expected in 2008:

And still I get ‘software patents are necessary to incentivice innovation’. No, they are just a means to keep smaller inventors from succeeding and feed a multi billion dollar litigation and cartel building machine. Software patents need to be abolished.


solved: Could not access windows shares between ubuntu and XP

After spending some time googling for a solution on why I can’t access my samba shares from XP nor my XP shares from ubuntu 8.04 hardy I finally figured it out myself – the firewall as it comes preconfigured was preventing full communication.

The symptom was that I would be able to list shares with

smbclient -L

but when wanting to connect to a share, it would give me errors like

tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME

I also would get messages such as ‘missing \ in share name‘ and the like.

Ubuntus Nautilus was not able to connect to the smb:// url.

Windows XP would also not see any folders that I had selected as shared in nautilus on the ubuntu side.

The quick solution was to give full access to the windows xp laptop coming from  (I will start googling to narrow down what exactly I need rather than allow all access) via:

iptables -I INPUT –source -j ACCEPT

Now I can simply connect with smbclient // and XP allows me to see anything exported from ubuntu automatically in the network places view.

Problem solved.

save flickr – save yahoo mail

Microsoft is going to attempt to incorporate flickr and the other yahoo services into its portfolio. points out that multiple important open source projects that are directly competing with microsoft technology like YUI

What can we do to prevent that?

Everybody buy yahoo shares to make it go up to $40 and vote against the merger?

Everybody pull their content out of flickr when the purchase happens?

If you have a creative and smart idea, please comment…