Zweisprachigkeit – forking to

Time to try out something new, and looking back, I have used this blog mostly for technical posts rather than my original intent of professional and personal expression… so here I go and fork my blog out to to perform a new experiment…

…posting everything in german and in english. Because I noticed that being fully immersed in an english speaking country, I mostly think and formulate my posts in english. But that is not my mother tongue. And as I now make the extra effort to also translate to german I refine what I meant to say and translate that back to english. So my experiment will be to alternate in languages. One post will be formulated in english and translated to german, whereas the following will be formulated in german and translated to english. While I blur it a bit by refining both as I translate, I think reading it later will be interesting as it shows how the origin of language might make a difference in writing styles…

…and maybe it will only serve somebody to refine their english / german skills, which already might be a success 🙂

Check it out and let me know what you think.



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