What I like about my macbookpro – Top 5

1. no more out of battery issues

I used to run Fedora 9 on a toshiba laptop to work on the train while commuting. Every so often I would have forgotten to charge it, and then it would shut down before I could do anything useful. Very annoying, compounded by the fact that the estimate of runtime tends to be wrong, so by the time it warns you that it will shut down soon, and you scramble to find the power supply to connect to, it will shut down right in front of you while you try to plug it in.

So yesterday was one of those mornings, my macbookpro had run out of power over night and was in hibernate mode. I noticed right before I was getting ready to get out the door. I connect the charger and get everything else ready and then disconnect and go after about 10min. Once in the train I open it up and am surprised to see a full 1.5 hours of runtime, and sure enough I can work all through my commute and have plenty of power left when connecting it back to power at my desk. Yay!

2. The powerful apps!

I created some tunes with Garageband, it is real fun and the loop database that comes with it is amazing for somebody that just starts like me. Anyways, so I wanted to share some audio mp3 on facebook with my friends, but facebook does not like uploading mp3, it only allows videos. So I drag and drop some photos out of iPhoto onto the iMovie app, and add my audio as a background song. This is done in minutes, and I am uploading the video to facebook…

3. safari detects network up and reloads tabs.

A typical thing I do is open up a bunch of tabs with the news websites so I can read it in the train while offline. When I command-click on the links to further stories they open up as ‘network disconnected’ in the additional tab as expected. But unlike what I am used to with Linux + Firefox, I don’t have to find the ‘reload all tabs’ menu item once I reconnect to the network – it automatically reloads the tabs…

4. apple remote control

Its a simple thing but so effective – be it itunes used to DJ at the party, VLC to watch a movie, or my iPhoto presentation, I can always switch around and adjust volume from the small remote while sitting on the couch. Very nice.

5. X applications – while I am certain that professionals do the right thing when paying $$$ for photoshop, I think I can do most of what I want to do with GIMP – and it works really well, just like I know if from Linux.