I am changing my mind on G1/itunes – now that I have a new MacBook !

I was so wrong!

With all the frustrations that I had in my early iphone days, and being forced to use itunes on windows because it was not available for Linux, and having no other way to import/export stuff to it, I was returning it and got the google android g1 phone from HTC.

Less than half a year later, I am ready to reverse my decision – mostly because I jumped ship and finally bought in a macbook to find out if it is really so great as my colleagues keep telling me. And I find IT IS! Further, I get to understand itunes better, and see it as highly functional – the windows version is terrible, but the mac version is working great.

I have it set up so I can just plop in one of my audio cd’s and it will start ripping it into mp3 files, adding them to my itunes library. The files are also accessible as real mp3 files through the filesystem, so I can just drag and drop them on my g1 phone attached as usb storage. All the software that was included with the OS is slick and highly functional, i.e. the photo importing/management iPhoto.

The days where I used to have to do certain things in windows xp are over – both Skype as well as netflix streaming work on the mac. I bought parallels just in case I would have to run xp in a virtual session next to my mac stuff, but so far have had no reason to install it yet. I installed ubuntu into parallels so I can access my linux environment that I am used to, but have to admit that I use it less and less.

So it looks like this:

1992 – switching from windows to linux
2009 – switching from linux to macos X


There is lots more to say but I will just sum it up as ‘buying the macbook pro was the best decision, and am tempted to ditch the htc/g1 in favor of a new iphone. I just had to factory reset my G1 this morning again, the second time in 6 months…

Of course there are also downsides, of which I found only a few minor ones yet and will probably soon discover more… but so far I am in love!