more ec2 playtime

Turns out it is much easier to launch fresh images and configure them on the fly than to keep doing iterations of download, unbundle, mount, customize, unmount, bundle, upload… also I don’t really like that a command line tool has to invoke a jvm to get simple things done.

The perfect tool for this is aws which is a standalone (mostly, invokes curl) script allows you to command ec2 and s3 with minimum of configuration / parameters. (key and cert go into a single file .awsecret and thats it).

Now if I want to start 20 instances of my cluster nodes, I can do that with a shell script I wrote which invokes aws to start the instances, waits for them to become available, and then deploys the necessary pieces to them and distributes the /etc/hosts so all nodes know about each other.


One thought on “more ec2 playtime

  1. If you’re using Ubuntu or Debian images on EC2, you can use the user-data startup scripts as I describe here:
    That’s often easier than ssh’ing in. If you’re not using Ubuntu or Debian but you can build a base AMI, you can install the ec2-run-user-data script as described in the article to get the same functionality.

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