Apple has nothing to fear – amazon mp3 store on android g1 phone is keeping buyers out

I can’t believe how hard they made it to purchase music. Months ago I was bored, browsed the mp3 amazon offerings and wanted to purchase a song on a whim. A message informs me that I will need wifi to complete the purchase. So I abort it and lose interest.

Another month later I have wifi on and really want to purchase a beatles album. Surprise is I find tons of covering artists but not the original albums as mp3? I guess apple / itunes store has an exclusive contract for those. I give up.

Now today I want to really purchase the queen greatest hits album – yes its available, yes I have wifi as I am home. So I select buy, and it asks me my amazon account info. It goes through a list… authenticate ok… charge credit card failed. Please update payment info. Only two choices are retry or cancel. So total stop again. Luckily I am at home and get on the laptop to log into regular and review my credit card info. I delete the old expired ones and leave only two that should be current. Nowhere I find where to select one for the mp3 store. Purchasing it only gets stopped out again claiming I have to download and install a download manager first. Well that’s why I am not an itunes customer. I am tired of trying to jump all the hoops. Logout…

They have no future.


~ by MrMichaelWill on May 30, 2009.

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