G1 google android phone – half a week in and loving it

A quick follow-up in form of notes on my G1 experience:
1. hands-off music on!

I discovered that I can press the ‘accept call button’ on my wired stereo headset to start the mp3 player without having to touch the phone. Awesome!

2. Exchanging contacts
When meeting another G1 owner, the question is always, how to exchange contact info the quickest. One obviously is to send it as an email, but that means typing in the others email address which is already half the contact info you wanted to share. The other is rather surprisingly smart: Use the application Barcode scanner – you select which URL/clipboard-entry/contact entry you want to share, and it shows it on the display as a 2D barcode. The other user just holds his camera over it running the same application, and *bleep* it transfers. Wow.

3. Other cute apps:
– bubble: shows how level something is using the accelerometers
– tiker: show stream of flickr

4. Chassis issues
I find that I am also bothered by the design deficiencies of the phone: Since you charge through the same USB port that you connect your wired headset to it’s either or, not both at the same time. And when I have my headset wired in, then typing on the keyboard is more awkward than the elevated right chassis half already makes it. Still would not trade it for an iphone with its touch screen keyboard ever though, ha ha ha !

4. Camera issues
The camera delay really sucks! It is hard to take a snapshot of a situation unless its really frozen in time in front of you. The resolution and sharpness is OK, but depending on the angle I see some fisheye effect (bent surfaces that should be straight).

5. web browser rendering issues

I noticed that the slower than treo webbrowser rendering does not really matter as much with 3G as it would have with edge.

I still would wish the caching and background loading of multiple pages would work better, the same grief I had with my iphone-1.

6. Battery lifetime
It is not as bad as with the treo, and once connected to an outlet it charges real fast. I charge about once to twice a day depending on how heavily I use it. And I use it heavily 🙂

7. Adding ringtones from any mp3 song is just sweet.

So my summary – I am loving it and find out new things all the time.


~ by MrMichaelWill on February 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “G1 google android phone – half a week in and loving it”

  1. I feel it only right to point out that ixMAT is merely a near-complete copy of the open-source Barcode Scanner client. (I am a developer.) It is the client that provided the contact-sharing functionality you cite. Compare the two and consider how you feel about what this app did with the open-source code.

    • Thanks Sean for pointing this out. I had already replaced ixMat with the Barcode app since I noticed it does the same thing but did not know about the ripoff. I edited my article to mention Barcode instead.

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