extjs – my favourite widget-rich javascript library de jour

extjs.com After looking at dojo/scriptaculous/yui/jquery and the like, I finally narrowed it down to extjs ( http://extjs.com ) as my favourite playground for a widget-rich browserindependent javascript library. Check out their examples to get excited quickly.

Of course there is no light without shadow: The API documentation is ‘somewhat terse’ (read: lacking links to examples) and the examples that exist outside of that are excellent for showing off what it will look like but leave out the essential pieces that would allow you to learn on how to make it useful for your own application.

I was lucky to find Sakis extjs examples website: http://examples.extjs.eu/ which does actually implement forms including the submit functionality and so I was able to glean from it how to use the ajax submit/load functionality.

Another interesting find is http://tof2k.com/ext/formbuilder/ which allows you to drag and drop forms together that you can then include in your apps.

Give it a try, if you are shopping for a javascript library that has commercial support and a free community (GPL) version, this is the way to go IMHO.


One thought on “extjs – my favourite widget-rich javascript library de jour

  1. The ExtJs library is indeed exciting and opens the door to many new possibilities. Its truly a foundation to be built upon. What Assembly did to machine code, what high level languages did to Assembly, what RAD tools did to high level languages .. thats what ExtJS is now doing to the Web app world – increase efficiency, reliability, modularity, scalability and presentation.


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