starbucks desparately selling coffee beans?

At a drive through starbucks close to los angeles, we ordered 4 drinks, total bill $15 even. But for some reason the sales rep is really eager to sell us a pound of coffee beans too, and he starts out with ‘if you buy a pound for $10, you get the first drink for free’. He sees us hesitate, and quickly corrects himself ‘the first two drinks’. I look at him and joke ‘what about the first three drinks’ ? He says yes.

So we got all the drinks we ordered, plus the pound of coffee, for a total of $14. Next time he should just pitch that as ‘hey do you want a discount of a dollar if you take a pound of coffee of my hands at no cost?’

If they keep doing business that way they will be out of business soon… I wonder how much more commission he is getting for selling that pound of coffee beans?

The article pingback comment below is quite interesting a read, and it has a hilarious picture:

starbucks won


~ by MrMichaelWill on February 4, 2008.

One Response to “starbucks desparately selling coffee beans?”

  1. […] in California, who shared a story about Starbuck’s poor selling method – making them seem desperate to sell their coffee beans. I was thinking, why should they be desperate if it’s good coffee anyway? Then I read […]

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