extjs / php4 on standard rhel4 requires installing json

I was playing with the extjs lib http://extjs.com/deploy/ext-2.0.1.zip on a standard rhel4 apache/php4 setup, and was wondering why the examples that use the jason encoding routines where not working. After sorting out all the misleading information that google came up with about json requiring php5, I finally have the solution for php4, and it is very simple:

1. Download php-json-ext-1.2.1.tar.bz2 from http://www.aurore.net/projects/php-json/

2. Extract and install: tar xfj php-json-ext-1.2.1.tar.bz2 ; cd php-json-ext-1.2.1 ; ./configure –prefix=/usr ; make install

3. Edit /etc/php.ini and add the line “extension=json.so”, then do a service httpd reload.

voila, it works: test.php can now do json_encode($arrayname), and all the extjs examples that use json to provide data to the tree-container drag and drop examples like /var/www/html/ext-2.0.1/examples/tree/two-trees.html now work.

I just confirmed it also works with the newer ext-2.1. Now all I have to do is figure out how to create proper trees from dmidecode output 😉


save flickr – save yahoo mail

Microsoft is going to attempt to incorporate flickr and the other yahoo services into its portfolio.



 http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/what-happens-if-microsoft-buys-yahoo points out that multiple important open source projects that are directly competing with microsoft technology like YUI


What can we do to prevent that?

Everybody buy yahoo shares to make it go up to $40 and vote against the merger?

Everybody pull their content out of flickr when the purchase happens?

If you have a creative and smart idea, please comment…

Finally I returned my iphone

I finally pulled the plug on it, went back to the apple store and returned my iphone. They wanted to charge me a 10% restocking fee, but with a little insisting they waved that. Now I am back to a Treo 680 and happy:

1. no more waiting for webpages – yes the treo also only has Edge, but instead of waiting several minutes for my newspage like tagesschau.de or heise.de on the iphone I get to see the first part of it after a few seconds while it is still loading the rest.

2. goodlink email and calendar integration syncs in realtime automatically

3. no more trusted computing bullshit keeping me from using my data the way I want it

4. a real keyboard, not that terrible touchscreen keyboard.

5. cut and paste

Get this, the iphone has 8G of memory built-in, and no slot for an SD card. No big deal with 8G internal memory I thought, but it really implies that you cannot move storage between your phone and you computer. Should not matter because of WIFI? Well it does, because apple enforces a trusted computing framework on you that basically prevents all the cool stuff that would be possible:

1. they don’t allow you to save images or other files from the webbrowser or email to that 8G of storage.
2. they dont allow you to even listen to an mp3 thats linked on a webpage, i.e. amazon.com music store previews – it only works for  apples music store. Surprise!
3. they don’t allow you to access any files on your phone, not even your own, except gated by an itunes application, connected with USB only. Your wifi connection is rendered useless for anything except again apple itunes store and webbrowsing. So in consequence you have to have either a macos-x or a windows-xp machine in order to even put your photos and music onto the device.
4. if your computer with the itunes application and library crashes, and you have to find a replacement, guess what, the freshly installed itunes will not allow you to get your photos and/or music off of your phone, instead it says ‘this was not created with this itunes, do you want me to erase the device?’ Erase MY PHOTOS? WTF!

Thats when I decided to return it.

Note that while there is only an itunes application for macosx and windows-xp from apple, there are linux-applications (gtkpod, banshee) that allow to connect to regular ipods and import/export files that way, but apple prevented that so far in the iphone.

I guess I will be having a treo for a while until the google android or an openmobile phone comes out that does not put you into a trusted computing box but is designed with freedom in mind instead.

filepost – upload a file to a temporary location and get a url to share with friends

Ever wanted to share a large file with one or multiple people without having to email it?

It’s simple: upload it through  QuickFilePost  and you will get a url that you can cut and paste for future use, i.e. email to the friends so they can download the file instead of you having to email it. You don’t need to signup and its free.


starbucks desparately selling coffee beans?

At a drive through starbucks close to los angeles, we ordered 4 drinks, total bill $15 even. But for some reason the sales rep is really eager to sell us a pound of coffee beans too, and he starts out with ‘if you buy a pound for $10, you get the first drink for free’. He sees us hesitate, and quickly corrects himself ‘the first two drinks’. I look at him and joke ‘what about the first three drinks’ ? He says yes.

So we got all the drinks we ordered, plus the pound of coffee, for a total of $14. Next time he should just pitch that as ‘hey do you want a discount of a dollar if you take a pound of coffee of my hands at no cost?’

If they keep doing business that way they will be out of business soon… I wonder how much more commission he is getting for selling that pound of coffee beans?

The article pingback comment below is quite interesting a read, and it has a hilarious picture:

starbucks won