First impressions of owning an iphone

I finally jumped the gun and got my 8G iphone. Discovering that the firmware was newer than the unlocking hacks software supported at the moment, I ditched that idea and just went with AT&T’s 480 minute 2-year plan – about twice as expensive as I would have gotten from t-mobile (vodaphone should keep sueing apple for that one), but I was able to work with it right away.

I installed itunes on my windows-xp machine and was suprised how slow this application is – probably only optimized for macos-x ? Definitely a very painful experience, what should have taken me 15 minutes to do (sync with my mp3 folder from my notebook) turned out to become a 45m bitching contest. But now it works for the most part.


1. happy to have an ipod function. surprise in the car: the headphonejack is proprietary, I was not able to connect it to my cars line-in cable, probably have to purchase an overpriced original apple cable for that… grrrr…

2. imap / outlook setup failed…

3. yahoo email setup was a breeze and works really well

4. that keyboard touchscreen thing really sucks – compared to a treo

5. it has GPS through google maps and gives directions. wow.

6. safari can do multiple webpages (tabs) but forgets the content too soon – it would be really useful if it would not have to reload the tab just because I looked at two others while it was loading in the background.

7. itunes on windows-xp is slower than any other app I am running – think openoffice startup-time, but at runtime. aweful.


One thought on “First impressions of owning an iphone

  1. OK, I am ready to return this now. Now that I understand what trusted computing really means – you trust anybody but the user.

    1. I cannot put any content onto the 8G memory unless I use the itunes application. I am not allowed to save photos I have stored on flickr or anywhere else on the internet, nor am I allowed to listen to mp3’s provided by say a competitor like

    2. when I lost the machine that had the itunes application and library on that I have currently stored on the iphone, I could not use another machine where I installed itunes from scratch to retrieve the data. In fact it proposes to delete all my content before writing any to it, including my very own photos. WTF?!!!!

    Apparently the iphone is going to be a major pain in the ass to use with all its intentfully placed limitiations, and it is better to cut myself loose now. It’s too slow with the edge service and the poorly designed webbrowser anyways.

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