validating html – firefox mangles html when saving?

I am developing a small internal webservice and being a good netcitizen wanted to validate it to be up to standards with which is my favorite tool since it allows to enter a URL if the page is on the public network, and it allows uploading html for when its not. It is an excellent tool to verify that the XHTML created by your code does not just happen to look right in your browser but actually conforms to the XHTML standard.

So quickly hitting Ctrl-S to save the web-page into a file from my web browser Fedora/ Firefox/ and uploading it for validation I am running into all those validation errors – i.e. the meta tag is not closed. Double checking my code it should be closed, as I used it as a singleton? Quickly bringing up the source view window of the page within firefox shows that it is indeed closed, but the saved html looks different from what the source window shows.

One of those surprises – now I cut and paste from the source window into an editor instead of using ‘save page’…

Update: seems to be related, so the mangling only happens when the filename ends in .html but it does not happen when the filename ends in .xhtml, regardless of the type-content defined in the meta-section of the header.


~ by MrMichaelWill on January 24, 2008.

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