iPhone ? Astounding features, but even more astounding deficiencies

I have had a treo with goodstuff for a few years and have gotten used to constant access to email, reading http://www.heise.de while riding the train, and synchronization with the company calendar keeping appointments straight in realtime. Navigating it with the touch-screen is great, too. Keeping documents on the small SD card allows to bring just what I need.

I also grew to dislike it’s slow internet (edge), the many crashes (reboots), and am thinking about trying something new.

The iPhone seems very impressive, love the zooming and rotating on the display, wifi access that allows faster access when at home or at work – except for some astounding deficiencies that where still not addressed in this months software update:

1. no cut and paste – I use that a lot when emailing people tidbits of what I find on the web or on mailinglist postings

2. no search in the contacts directory – they do have an index for the first letters but if you are looking for a substring you are in for a lot of scrolling…

3. no ‘goodstuff’ equivalent of the treo – you have to go home and connect it with a cable to syncronize ?

4. camera is not very light sensitive, picture quality below industry standard

5. AT&T exclusive contract for the next 5 years, which means no competition on the phone provider side. Thats the only reason why they can force you into signing up for a slow edge network data plan at the high prices they offer…

6. no SD slot or other way to extend the memory

I kind of waited for the software update to at least address 1-3, but since that did not happen I am now looking for alternatives.

Any recommendations?

Nokia 95?

Blackberry Perl?


2 thoughts on “iPhone ? Astounding features, but even more astounding deficiencies

  1. I checked out the BlackBerry Curve – definitely not what I want.

    For one, I don’t like the little plastic trackball they use for 2D-navigation.

    Then the webbrowser was a joke – I went to http://www.google.com and could not see the search-field until I scrolled around on the screen. The sales rep mentioned I could install opera on it if I wanted a better webbrowser… the same sales rep also said that the Edge connection was 130MB/s, but as we know its more like 200KB/s…

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